About Our Team

Janeen Mills


Before joining the Two Wishes Ranch Venue & Events team 5 years ago, Janeen spent several decades in wedding and event planning while traveling the United States as a proud Air Force Wife. Today, as venue manager, Janeen, along with her daughter Sarah, assistant venue manager, and their team, will walk with Two Wishes brides and grooms every step of the “Wedding Way” to ensure that these special couples enjoy a magical day filled with enough lovely memories to last a lifetime. When she takes off her Two Wishes hat and relaxes, Janeen loves spending time with her husband David, their 4 children, and 9 grandchildren.

Sarah Mills


Sarah was 8 years old when she began tagging along with her mom, Janeen, while she set up for events and weddings. Sarah realized she found tremendous enjoyment in learning the event & wedding planning business, and now finds herself the assistant manager of Two Wishes Ranch Venue and Events. She is currently working alongside her mom, planning events and weddings. Sarah enjoys giving venue tours and has fun showing off the gorgeous event space, sharing the love she has for Two Wishes with others. Sarah cherishes the beautiful interactions and friendships she has made with the many couples, planners, and vendors at Two Wishes, and hopes to continue her education and experience in wedding and event planning. When she is not at Two Wishes Ranch, she spends her time with family and her fur babies, is an instructor at the Ballet Academy of South Texas, and is expanding her career in dance, choreography, and theatre productions. She can’t wait to meet you with a big, contagious smile and an enthusiastic, hard working attitude!

Tom Pyle


Having worked in the service industry for many years, Tom, a native Texan, now brings his experience to Two Wishes Events as the owner of Wishful Drinking, our recommended bar service. Tom also built a trucking company that hauls heavy equipment, and has also been very instrumental in building the newest part of Two Wishes—the Wishing Well Field sandlot baseball field. When Tom is not creating magical cocktails for wedding guests, he can be found playing with his 8 year old daughter, playing sandlot baseball, or crooning with his band.


Director of LOGISTICS

Ryter, a Lockhart area native, manages the Two Wishes Ranch Venue & Events premises and oversees the day crew during events. Ryter’s touch can be found everywhere around the event center, from making sure the landscaping is perfectly on point to conducting tours to helping make your wedding day perfection. Ryter’s sister was one of the first Two Wishes brides, and it was this wonderful wedding experience that led to his becoming a valuable member of the Two Wishes team. Ryter has a great love of Two Wishes and enjoys the part he plays in making the happiest weddings in Texas!